Computers Don’t Byte (03000017)

Hexar RF, ZM Biogon 35, Delta 400

If the sign says it, it must be true. This is a “lost” frame discovered while I was doing some backups; I could have sworn that I posted it before, but I couldn’t find the post.

Not through any design, other than sheer laziness, I tend to do my backups in cycles. When I start running out of room on the internal drive(which keeps happening ever more frequently with all those Battlestar Gallactica episodes clogging up my iTunes directory), I make a compressed copy (jpgs) of all the scans and archive the originals (tiffs) off to an external drive. When I get time, I go back and burn dvd’s of the tiff and offsite the jpgs to my webiste. In this process I usually find a couple of good frames that got missed during the first round of editing. In this case, so far I’ve got the frame above (wouldn’t that look great in my office?), a neat picture of some shoes dangling from a power line, and a sort of American Gothic meets the 21st century portrait of Kate and me.

There’s not really a moral to that story. Just explaining why the image numbers suddenly jumped back 30 rolls.

OK, fine, you want a moral. Keep everything. Do your backups. And revisit your old stuff occasionaly.