Snapshots of the Week (04100004, 04100033, 04100021, 04100015)

Dorcas, Hexar RF, ZM Biogon 35, Delta 400, Tmax Dev

Champaign/Urbana has a lot Korean restaurants; this one is by far the best, despite being named Dorcas. You know it’s good when all the Korean students eating there are sweating from the spice. They even had Korean style infrared water glass sterilizer! Here’s a few other random shots. All done with a Hexar RF, ZM Biogon 35, Delta 400 @ 400 in Tmax Dev (1+4 instead of my usual 1+5), at 68 degrees for 6.5 minutes, 10 seconds agitation every minute.

Grass, Hexar RF, ZM Biogon 35, Delta 400, Tmax Dev

Kate, Hexar RF, ZM Biogon 35, Delta 400, Tmax Dev

Round, Hexar RF, ZM Biogon 35, Delta 400, Tmax Dev

“Beautiful Becoming Dim” (04040016)

Hexar RF, 50 Hex, Delta 400 in Diafine

For the source of this quote, see this auspiciousdragon post about the new Zeiss Sonnar in S mount. This rumor about a new Nikon S mount digital RF is probably just that, a rumor, but it’s just outrageous enough to be believable. Have Nikon and Zeiss built a relationship around the ZF lenses (or is the F mount public domain)? Are Zeiss, Cosina and Nikon working together to bring out a full frame digital Zeiss Ikon or updated digital Nikon SP rangefinder? Or is some forum nut laughing his but off right now? Magic eight ball says “answer unclear.” Ok, actually, the first time around it didn’t understand the question. The second time around, after I capitalized and punctuated the question, it answered yes. I’m not sure I trust oracular pronouncements from something that needs punctuation in order to understand the question.