Equipment Reviews

These reviews are mostly intended to be entertaining. They are clearly not scientific, unbiased or even warranted to be informative. I enjoy writing them. Hope you enjoy reading them.

Additional notes on cameras and optics are scattered throughout the blog. Clicking on the Optics or Cameras categories will bring up the relevant posts. Additionally, technical information for most photos on this site are contained in the image alt tags. . Some browsers will show you these tags by hovering over the images. Others will show them to you if you right click and select properties. Putting these tags into the search field will bring up all the photos so tagged. For example, to see all the photos taken with the Cosina Voigtlander Nokton Classic 35MM F1.4 SC, put CV 35 1.4 SC into the search field.

UPDATE: As of mid December 08, the alt image tags are also replicated in the tag cloud on the sidebar. Clicking on the tag will bring up all photos currently tagged as such. If I get time, I’ll tag retroactively as well.

FURTHER UPDATE, February 2017: Slowly putting this site back together after a long hiatus. Some of the old reviews are a hoot. The Hexar ones still attract traffic if stats are to be trusted.